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There’s a website devoted to the theory that The Beatles never existed

“This is a serious subject, not a joke,” write the authors of the The Beatles (as they were presented to us) Never Existed, a site devoted to the totally serious, not-a-joke notion that one of the most popular, influential, and obsessively documented bands of all time was an elaborate hoax. This is their mission statement.

The purpose of this site is to present evidence that the Beatles were always sets of multiples since their inception, and were not just four individual young men “from Liverpool,” as we’ve been led to believe. We will be showing lots of pictures here as well as on the forum so that we may provide our evidence sufficiently.


The site’s authors looked at four criteria in determining that the Fab Four were really the Faux Four: height discrepancies, different eyebrows, changes in ear shape, and changes in teeth (presumably photographic perspective, grooming, the effects of age, and modern dentistry were tossed out). So what happened? Do they think Paul McCartney and the other Beatles had stand-ins, akin to the Andrew W.K. “Steev Mike” conspiracy theory? No. That would be too simple. The site explains:

I’ll begin by showing height comparisons which are specifically focused on Paul. This all by itself should provide enough evidence of fraud and deceit. How they did this is not completely known. We have words such as “simulacra,” “cloning,” “synthetic humans,” “robotoids,” and so on, but exactly what was happening here is still a bit of a mystery.

The “Ears” and “Teeth” sections of the site are listed as “coming soon,” with the Ears section tantalizing readers with the promise that “fake ears have been noted since as far back as 1964.” The site’s forum is also alive and well (and features ear and teeth discussion that hasn’t made it to the main site yet), so head there to go straight down the rabbit hole of Beatles conspiracy-dom.


[via Dangerous Minds]

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