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There’s a Serial parody, and it’s pretty damn funny

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Serial is a podcasting phenomenon, and for good reason: The anthology series, spun off from This American Life, tells the gripping tale of a real-life 1999 murder. Massive credit is surely due its host and creator, Sarah Koenig, whose conversational, regular-Jane approach to the material has drawn in a million listeners per week. She doesn’t act like the typical TV journalist—she’s just as prone to conversations with herself and asides about what’s running through her mind, habits that make the show ripe for parody. Paul Laudiero, a UCB performer, has posted a trio of Serial parodies to YouTube, and they capture Koenig’s cadence and mannerisms perfectly, affectionately ribbing her style. There are no spoilers, either, so those not caught up don’t need to worry. Those who’ve already gobbled up this morning’s episode can treat these as supplemental material during the long wait until next Thursday.


UPDATE/CORRECTION: We gave Paul Laudiero all the credit here, when in fact this parody was created by Laudiero, Will Stephen, and Zach Cherry—it’s Stephen doing the impression of Koenig. Also, they uploaded two new episodes today, here and here.

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