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There’s a petition to save Tron 3, because that always works

Tron: Legacy

On The Grid, there’s only one tool more useful than an Identity Disc or a Light Cycle. It’s a tool that can empower the weakest user and topple the strongest program. In fact, it’s a tool that can even get more and more powerful simply by people being aware that it exists, and the only way to stop it is for enough people—or just specific people—to ignore it entirely. This tool has been known to strike fear in the digital hearts of everyone in the Tron universe, and to those who dare speak its name, it is known as An Online Petition.

Now, some desperate Tron fans have turned to this dark power in order to change the fate of Tron 3, which Disney decided to cancel a few days ago. In a petition posted on Change.org, a user known as Lucas Lowman is asking for 15,000 signatures to “show Disney that The Grid is too great to never be shown again.” Lowman also cites the $400 million that Tron: Legacy made back in 2010—which is a pretty impressive amount of money considering how some people felt about that movie—and he includes an open letter to Walt Disney (the man, we assume) that says, simply, “Revive Tron 3.”


As of right now, the petition has already gathered 14,513 supporters, so it will easily reach that 15,000 signature goal. Whether anything will actually happen when it does, though, remains to be seen.

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