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There’s a Nazi-punching film festival going down in Brooklyn

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

The internet has developed a small cottage industry out of repurposing footage of white nationalist and certified Bad Human Being Richard Spencer getting punched in the face last month on the day of the Trump inauguration. Now, Nazi punching videos are moving out of the realms of Giphy and YouTube and into the real world, with Gothamist reporting that a Nazi-punching film festival is in the works.

Organized by Brooklyn’s The New Inquiry, the 90-minute Fash Bash Bash will feature numerous film clips of National Socialists getting some chin music in the kisser. You can expect plenty of the usual cinematic suspects—Indiana Jones and Inglourious Basterds, for instance—but the event also promises more esoteric or archaic footage for the Hitler-hating film snobs in the audience. The festival is scheduled for this Saturday, February 4 in Brooklyn. Punch, apparently, will be served.


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