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There’s a Firestarter reboot in the works


Deadline reports that Blumhouse and Universal are teaming up for a new film adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter. Directed by producer and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman—whose only other movie as a director was the underwhelming fairy-tale flop Winter’s Tale—the film would revisit King’s tale of a father-daughter team on the run from a shadowy government agency that wants to study their powerful psychic abilities.

Firestarter previously got the book-to-film treatment in 1984, with Drew Barrymore in the role of young Charlie McGee, a precocious tyke with the ability to roast people alive with her mind. There’s no word yet on who’ll play Charlie in this new version, or her eventual nemesis John Rainbird, memorably played by George C. Scott in the original film (and less so by Malcolm McDowell in Syfy’s made-for-TV sequel Rekindled in 2002).


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