Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

Sacha Baron Cohen has never given any indication that his surprise TV series Who Is America? was anything but a one-season attempt to make some bad people look very foolish, but since the series was a hit and most likely increased the buzz around Showtime dramatically, the premium cable network has repeatedly hinted that it would like to see Baron Cohen slip back into several pounds of prosthetics for some more wacky, headline-generating interviews. Unfortunately, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter recently, Baron Cohen declared that there will definitely not be another Who Is America? season. He explained that his goal with his TV projects is not to “make it a Seinfeld or an SNL,” and he added that spending hours in a makeup chair getting his character faces applied is “grueling.”

Of course, as we noted the last time he claimed he wouldn’t do the show anymore, Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t exactly a guy you can trust. If he went around telling people he would do another season, every awful person in the world would suddenly decide to actually pay attention when someone with an extremely unrealistic face tried to interview them. By saying he won’t do the show, he has given himself an opportunity to either continue doing the show in secret or to stop doing the show for real. We really won’t know until he pops up on TV again.