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There might be another season of Cosmos

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Despite already answering every possible question someone might have about the universe in its rebooted version of Cosmos earlier this year, Fox and beloved scientition Neil deGrasse Tyson might be getting ready to make another season. Presumably, everyone involve would have to embark on some kind of Interstellar-style wormhole adventure in order to discover new universal mysteries to discuss, but maybe this time they can finally tackle all of the creationism stuff they should’ve covered in the first place. We really need to put God back into TV shows about science, after all.


Now, before anyone gets too hyped about the possibility of another season of Cosmos, we should point out that the source of this rumor is literally just one guy on Reddit who supposedly heard Neil deGrasse Tyson say he’s discussing another season with producers at a recent Q&A in New Jersey. That means there’s a very good chance that this is just a bunch of cosmic bullshit, and we’ll have to settle for another hip scientist to come along and reboot the series again in 30 years. As for why someone would bother lying about this just to get some attention on Reddit, the answer is obviously because, for some people, getting attention on Reddit is the most important thing in the world—followed closely by Neil deGrasse Tyson himself. So there might be another season of Cosmos at some point in the future, or there might not be. All we know is that the Internet will get really excited if there is.

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