The 2010 thriller Salt was intended to kick-start an entirely new Angelina Jolie-running-around-with-a-gun franchise, only to be met with middling reviews and a box-office take that just barely recouped its budget. But because it did better numbers overseas—and you haven’t come up with a better way to have Angelina Jolie run around with a gun, have you?—Sony is now working up a sequel, hiring original writer Kurt Wimmer to draft an all-new adventure for super-spy Evelyn Salt. For her part, Jolie is more interested in doing this film than a proposed sequel to the more recent would-be Angelina Jolie-running-around-with-a-gun franchise, Wanted, which she turned down despite [SPOILER ALERT] Universal’s generous offer to bring her character back from the dead. [END SPOILER] Provided Wimmer’s script meets with Jolie's approval, Salt 2 could be on its way to production soon, with all the potential for hilarious subtitles that entails. Salt And Battery, Salt With A Deadly Weapon, Salt 2: Off The Table, 2 Salty 2 Saltier, Salt Licks Everyone, Salt: In The Wounds, Salt 2: Sodium Chlor-DIE. Go salted nuts, Internet.