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There might be a Hunger Games theme park soon

Lionsgate Entertainment is thinking about opening a Hunger Games amusement park, because nothing says “amusement” like a “kill or be killed” mentality. The company’s CEO, Jon Feltheimer, says the studio has been “approached in two territories about potential theme park opportunities” it’s currently pursuing. And while the general idea of a theme park makes sense for such a thriving franchise—The Hunger Games grossed $690 million last year alone—obviously, it’s difficult to see how it would translate into an attraction. It could choose to gloss over the more macabre aspects of the books, sure, but it’s not as if there’s a lot of fun in Katniss Everdeen’s life, other than the fact that she sometimes gets to wear dresses that are on fire. If the park recreated Panem’s fancy Capitol, for instance, would food vendors deal with the notion that, in the books, locals eat until they’re full, take a pill that makes them throw up, then eat some more? You know, in addition to the fact that the entire thing is premised around repeatedly trying to kill teenagers? That’s not very fun stuff.


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