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Illustration for article titled There may be a sequel to emThe Kennedys /emto cover all the terrible stuff the first one didnt get around to

Despite being dropped by the History Channel for failing to provide the same level of factual accuracy as How Alien Jesus And His Ancient Sex Clubs Predicted Armageddon, last year's miniseries The Kennedys went on to deliver decent ratings (in the form of people actually finding it on their cable package) for ReelzChannel. Combine that with its four Emmy wins, and the fact that America remains endlessly fascinated with the Kennedys according to Vanity Fair, and it's no surprise that the network is developing a sequel, rather than doing whatever else it is that Reelz does.


Deadline reports that the follow-up would pick up where the last one left off, in the wake of Robert Kennedy's assassination, covering the post-Camelot era of 1968 to the present, i.e. the years when everyone got embroiled in sex and drug scandals, had horrible accidents and died, and Jackie Kennedy married a gross Greek billionaire for his money. You know: The good years. It's unclear as yet whether original miniseries stars like Katie Holmes would return, but the follow-up would definitely have address its predecessor's strange exclusion of Ted Kennedy, hiring an actor of appropriate gravitas to portray the respected politician, then—in The Kennedys fashion—have him get sloppy drunk, take his pants off, and kill someone.

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