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After decades of ceding their territory to the likes of Seth Rogen and The Lego Movie, Cheech & Chong are said to be working on a new stoner film, one that would reprise their pot-fueled misadventures for a new generation who doesn’t mind getting high with a much older generation. Tommy Chong recently spoke to marijuana-related entertainment news site CelebStoner (who we’ll just assume was too paranoid to use the name Entertainment Weedly), saying he and Cheech Marin have had preliminary meetings with director Jay Chandrasekhar, whose Broken Lizard movies like Super Troopers and Beerfest have yielded many of the same waiting-for-the-pizza-to-arrive pleasures as Cheech & Chong’s classic films. Their “rough idea” currently involves the duo “going to a festival called the Burning Joint,” Chong says, adding, “All sorts of shenanigans happen.”

Should those shenanigans be fleshed out into an actual script (one that presumably also says, “EXT. DESERT: All sorts of shenanigans happen”), it could become the first real Cheech & Chong movie since 1983’s Still Smokin’, as the two didn’t actually do anything for last year’s Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie. In the meantime, you can still always go smoke with your uncle; he half-remembers most of “Sister Mary Elephant.”


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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