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There is no Labyrinth remake, says screenwriter of rumored Labyrinth remake

Rumors about a remake/reboot/sequel to Jim Henson’s 1986 fantasy classic Labyrinth have floated around the internet—and been rebuked—before. But when the many-headed hydra of online hearsay once again came roaring out of its cave to proclaim, “They’re making another Labyrinth! Everybody freak out!!,” last week, the news seemed especially ill-timed (or plausible, if you’re cynical) given the recent death of the film’s star, David Bowie. Would The Jim Henson Company really be so heartless as to do the Magic Dance on the Goblin King’s still-fresh grave?

According to Nicole Perlman, co-writer of Guardians Of The Galaxy and purported screenwriter of the new movie, no. She’s offended that you would even imply that, actually. Responding to the story—which originated in The Hollywood Reporter and spread from there—Perlman said on Twitter that while she has been working on a top-secret project with The Jim Henson Company, said project is not a Labyrinth remake. She went on to say that Labyrinth was a childhood favorite of hers, and that she would never dream of exploiting Bowie’s death in such a crassly commercial way.


While vehemently denying a remake (or reboot), Perlman’s comments do seem to leave the door open for a Labyrinth sequel, a possibility which has also been floated by Entertainment Weekly. A fine point, perhaps, but one that’s worth making.


[h/t The Guardian]

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