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There are now My Little Pony blow-up dolls, for friendship

My Little Pony—a franchise that can be enjoyed equally by children and perfectly polite gentlemen who appreciate it on a deeply artistic and emotional level—has inspired numerous tributes over the years, ranging from drawings that imagine various Pony adventures and awakenings, to equally real pledges of marriage. But they’ve never been captured in something that can provide the sort of tangible, tactile companionship promised in their credo, Friendship Is Magic. That is, until a Chinese company finally created the My Little Pony blow-up doll.

As BuzzFeed points out (and as discovered by Horse News), the Guangzhou Hongyi Toy Manufacturing Company has at last addressed the most unsettling aspect of an adult man forming a physical attachment to a My Little Pony doll—their difference in size—by creating what it’s dubbed the “Inflatable Sexy Girl.” Like all sexy girls, this one looks just like My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash. However, you’ll notice she’s been significantly enhanced for friendship.


Rainbow now has large breasts for resting your head on, in a nurturing way, while you discuss your feelings like friends do. But don’t worry: She’s tastefully covered those breasts with a monokini, in case you two want to join your other friends at a pool party. Her legs have also been spread wide, so that she can stand upright—so that she can look you in the eye, as friends do.

According to the company’s website, your “Inflatable Sexy Girl” can be used for “advertisement, parties, clubs, parks, outdoor entertainment, backyard,” or any of the other places that friendship takes place. “Size: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, or more,” depending on your friendship needs. “Ice Cream Cone: Ice Cream Cone.” There are no lies between friends. Only fun little secrets.


Your My Little Pony companion can be yours in a mere five to 10 days, provided you can hold out that long. And while it promises “durable quality body safety,” she also comes with a “repair kit.” After all, even in friendships, people and inflatable ponies can get hurt.

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