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Here’s a fun trick to play on your friend who likes cult comedy TV shows: Say to him, “Whoa, did you hear what show they’re bringing back for another season? Party Down…” “Whoa, is the original cast coming back?” he’ll ask. “Yep!” you’ll say. “But there’s also another version with a whole second cast, and that’s coming even sooner!” Him: “When does it start?” You: “November 20!” And just when his excitement really reaches a fever pitch, you shout, “…SOUTH!”

Yes, Entertainment Weekly reports that CMT’s highest-rated show, Party Down South—which is not a beloved comedy series about a team of caterers with unrealized Hollywood dreams, but rather a reality show about mud boggin’ and drinking—is becoming a Teen Mom-style franchise, splitting off into two shows and returning for two unconnected seasons. Party Down South 2 will debut with an all-new cast Nov. 20, while the third season of the original Party Down South will start airing in February.


The show’s original cast will also appear in two upcoming specials: Party Down South: Drunksgiving, to air just before the Party Down South 2 premiere, and Party Down South: Christmas Hangover, on Dec. 18. Meanwhile, the Starz series Party Down is not returning, because God is dead.

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