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There are at least four more Todd Phillips movies in the works

Director Todd Phillips, the new king of bros-behaving-badly films, isn’t about to stop churning out popcorn fodder anytime soon. His first three films for Warner Brothers—The Hangover, Due Date, and The Hangover Part II—have all raked in some $1.2 billion worldwide, so it’s no surprise that the studio wants to keep him around through 2013. Thus, not only is Phillips readying The Hangover Part III and the epic-party-goes-awesomely-wrong movie Project X, Deadline reports that he’s now attached to another four projects at the studio.

Two of them seem very much within Phillips’ usual purview: Million Dollar Strong is a feature based on Ken Jeong and Mike O’Connell’s spoof rap-duo, while Mule concerns a young couple who turn to slinging drugs to earn money during the recession. The third, Arms And Dudes, has the potential to lean more Pineapple Express-ways, with two hapless stoners discovering a talent for arms dealing before getting raided by the feds. And last and most intriguing is The Island, scripted by Due Date writer Adam Sztykiel (and not to be confused with this). The studio is keeping the plot under wraps for now, but if previous Phillips films are any indication, it will involve drinking, dude relationships, and likely takes place on, uh, some sort of island? In any case, we’re still holding out hope for that John Belushi biopic Phillips was flirting with a few years ago. What happened to that?


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