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Screenshot: Daybreak (YouTube)

What if The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes was a young kid in a post-apocalyptic world run by teens who went bonkers with power? That’s the kooky logline of Netflix’s upcoming zombie dramedy Daybreak. In the trailer, Josh (Colin Ford) goes on a mission to find his girlfriend Sam after tragedy strikes and the adults turn “Ghoulies,” their particular brand of zombies. The teens having made new rules, Josh, a loner of sorts, must continue to navigate teen social strata with his own band of ragtag misfits.


The series is based on the comic book of the same name and will also star Alyvia Alyn Lind, Austin Crute, Sophie Simnett, and Chelsea Zhang. Matthew Broderick will also appear as the school principal who, we can only assume, isn’t long for this bastion of teens. Daybreak shambles onto the streaming platform on October 24, so start your “how do you do, fellow kids” now.

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