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Illustration for article titled The young punks of Cerebral Ballzy want to “Be Your Toy”

It’s been three years since the Brooklyn punk band Cerebral Ballzy unleashed its snotty, self-titled debut album. Since then, it’s gone on tour with everyone from OFF! to Fucked Up, and none other than The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas has proclaimed himself a supporter. On Cerebral Ballzy’s upcoming sophomore full-length, Jaded & Faded, there have been a few changes. Sure, there’s plenty of ’80s-style skate-punk on tap, but frontman Honor Titus and crew have expanded their sound a bit—as best heard on “Be Your Toy,” which is being debuted here. Produced by David Sitek of TV On The Radio, it sports an atypically icy, arty chorus that swiftly kicks into a filthy, distorted chorus. It’s clear that Cerebral Ballzy’s new, upscale friends are rubbing off on them; “Be Your Toy” gives the band a chance to play around and see what life might look like beyond punk.


Jaded & Faded will be released June 17 via Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records.

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