Photo: clintspencer/Getty Images

Some videos earn virality through ingenuity, others through humor, and others still through sheer disbelief. The below video, however, which finds a girl named Hannah delivering an amateur weather update, is none of those. The seven seconds that compose “Hannah’s Weather Update” won’t inspire you, nor will they make you guffaw. They won’t make you cringe or say “aww.” They might, however, make you jump right the hell out of your skin.

See, aren’t you glad we didn’t spoil it?

While Hannah hasn’t confirmed what actually happened in the video, she has confirmed she’s alive.


Others, however, believe that whatever fiery hell it was that obliterated all of heaven and Earth in the video’s final second was surprisingly not a meteor, nuke, or crashing UFO, but just a bolt of lightning that struck at exactly the right second. Still, you couldn’t choreograph a more effective jump scare.