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The xx announces North American tour by mailing out free tickets

Photo: NBC / Getty Images

There are some bands that arrive onstage late, and never let the audience forget what a huge favor they’re doing for them by performing greatest hits at $70 a head. The xx is not one of those bands. In fact, the British electronic dream-pop trio is letting fans know how much it appreciates their patronage by sending out a select few free tickets to shows in its upcoming North American tour, Pitchfork reports.

The formal invitations are being mailed out to people who were among the first to pre-order their album I See You, out January 13.


This is right in line with the buzz-generating marketing strategy the group used to announce their European tour in the fall.

For a taste of what the lucky invitees are in for, here’s The xx performing “On Hold” on SNL back in November.

[via Pitchfork]


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