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The Xena revival hires a writer, is apparently still real

Xena: Warrior Princess

The journey of the Xena: Warrior Princess reboot/revival has been as wild and unpredictable as something wild and unpredictable from the old Xena: Warrior Princess TV show, with original star Lucy Lawless initially revealing that she wanted to bring the show back, then NBC saying it also wanted to bring the show back, then Lucy Lawless saying never mind about bringing the show back, and then NBC deciding to bring the show back anyway. The end of that pendulum is still pointing at the show coming back, and Variety is reporting that NBC has even hired a writer to make it happen.

That writer is Lost veteran Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and though it’s still unclear what connection this will have to the old series (including any appearances from Lawless), original co-creator Rob Tapert and executive producer Sam Raimi are reportedly on board in some capacity. However, that could all be for nothing, because based on the established pattern of news about this Xena reboot, the next time we hear about it should be when NBC decides to abandon the project.


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