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The Xbox One will reward you for watching five Kevin James movies, other stunning feats

Perhaps the Xbox 360’s most lasting legacy is its popularization of “achievements”—unlockable status symbols that let your friends know which games you’ve played and the amazing things you’ve accomplished in them. Each new Xbox achievement you unlock adds points to your Gamerscore, which, for the most part, is a useless number fit only for separating the self-styled elite players from the throngs of unworthy pretenders.

A new type of achievement is being introduced with the Xbox One, or as Microsoft prefers to call it, “Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.” On the new console, which hits stores Friday, you’ll be able to unlock achievements in media streaming applications, like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, as well as games. Only a couple of applications have shown off achievement support as of today, including Amazon Instant, Machinima (a YouTube channel of games-related videos), and Redbox Instant. Here are a few examples:

“What’s worth doing is worth doing for money”: Watch an Amazon Original pilot with the second letter of the Greek alphabet.


n00b: Watch a video on the Machinima App.

TV Rots Your Brain: Watch 1,000 videos on the Machinima App.

KJ Rulez!: Watch five movies featuring Kevin James [on the Redbox app].

Players who prize the imagined market value of their Gamerscore need not worry, as these shameless cross-marketing ploys are achievements in name only. You’ll earn “badges or rewards,” but they won’t adding points to any Gamerscores. That would be silly.

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