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As arch-rival PlayStation is busy leveling up by developing its first scripted series, Xbox is shouting, “No fair!” and throwing its controller to the ground, as Microsoft has shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, the division responsible for creating original video series for distribution on Xbox game consoles. After ordering a slew of series, Microsoft abruptly pulled the plug on XES (amid broader layoffs), promising that it will “continue to enhance our entertainment offering on console by innovating the TV experience.” It probably threw “proactive” and “synergy” in there somewhere for good measure.

Those of you slavering for Microsoft-produced video content won’t have to go cold turkey, as Microsoft will be following through with a few projects it already had in development, including Steven Spielberg’s and Ridley Scott’s separate takes on Halo; that retrospective documentary series, Signal To Noise; and the already-airing soccer show Every Street United. Sadly, we may never see Nas’ show about ’90s rap, but on the other hand, we’ll never see that “supernatural bro comedy” either, so call it a wash.


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