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The X-Files is going “Home Again”


Home,” a particularly violent and disturbing episode of The X-Files’ fourth season (and the only episode of the show ever to carry a TV-MA rating), might be getting a sequel in Fox’s upcoming six-episode revival of the series, TV Line has learned.

The original episode, which aired on October 11, 1996, followed FBI Agents Mulder and Scully as they investigate a dead infant buried in a field near the town of Home, Pennsylvania. They eventually discover that the infant belongs to the Peacock family and is a product of incest between three brothers and their quadruple-amputee mother who lives under a bed. The episode was praised for its violent moxie and its dark satire of the ideas of motherhood and the American dream. It’s also the only time during the series when Scully tries to quote the film Babe while moving a pig.

Now, TV Line has learned that the second episode of Fox’s revival is called “Home Again,” which has prompted speculation that the episode is a direct sequel to “Home.” Furthermore, “Home Again” was written by James Wong, one of the writers of the original episode, a fact that invites even more sequel conjecture.

However, it’s possible that “Home Again” will be more of a spiritual sequel to its namesake, since TV Line reports that the episode will somehow involve a brand-new character called “Band-Aid Nose Man,” who is “intimidating, odd, weary, creepy, and immeasurably strong.” He certainly sounds like a member of the Peacock family, or someone with whom they would keep company. But he might simply serve as another example of the antiquated evil that lives just beyond your property line.


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