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The X-Files abducts Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell in The Flash, Lauren Ambrose in Dig

Fox’s The X-Files revival continues to make dreams come true for people who always wanted to be on the show, or just actors who like working. (Besides Kumail Nanjiani, it’s not always evident which of those camps they fall into.) Following in the footsteps of recent recruits Rhys Darby and Joel McHale, Variety reports Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell have both signed on to the Fox reboot.

Like everything else about the upcoming event series, their roles are shrouded in mystery, and details are sparse. All we know is that they will appear in one episode, and each of them is playing an agent. (In case incredibly vague characterizations are up your alley, Variety notes Ambrose’s Agent Einstein—oh, the jokes she had to endure as a child—is “sharp” and “confident,” whereas Amell’s Agent Miller is “smart” and “smooth,” so they really run the gamut of capable-person descriptions.) But that’s it. The rest of the truth is out there, with “out there” in this case meaning “in their respective scripts, which are probably being guarded by heavyset men with tasers.”


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