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This weekend may be the Oscars, but Sunday’s Writers Guild Awards was truly the night the stars came out to shine, then toss things at writers from the open sunroofs of their rented town cars as they sped by, such as sodas and custards. Or, to put it in host Zooey Deschanel’s own words, “Welcome to Nerd Prom,” which she said shortly before cooing, “Male writers, you are so hot with your minds and plaid shirts. Hit on me.” And thus did the entire blogging industry grind to a halt.


Anyway, there were far more attainable trophies to be had at the WGAs, with Woody Allen winning best original screenplay for Midnight In Paris and Alexander Payne, Jim Rash, and Nat Faxon taking best adapted screenplay for The Descendants. Neither of these wins could be considered an Oscar prognosticator, of course, as the Writers Guild tends to nominate things that writers like. But considering recent confirmations about the average Academy voter—and the fact that old white guys like Woody Allen and George Clooney—it’s certainly not unreasonable to assume they still have a pretty good shot.

On the TV side, Modern Family scored big wins for both best comedy and best comedy episode (“Caught In The Act”), while Breaking Bad picked up best drama series and had its season opener, “Box Cutter,” tie for best episode with Homeland’s “The Good Soldier.” The Showtime drama also won for best new drama, while The Colbert Report took home best comedy/variety. You can see the complete list of winners here, and a picture of the courier font Zooey Deschanel had stenciled on her fingernails (Because writers!) here.

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