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The writers behind Due Date join Ice Cube’s mysterious Rocky Mountain High

When we last heard about Ice Cube’s Rocky Mountain High, the only things we knew about it were that it’s going to be a comedy, Ice Cube wants to star in it, and a bunch of movie studios wanted it. Universal ended up winning the bidding war, and now—according to Deadline—it has hired Due Date and King Of The Hill writers Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland to put together a script. Hopefully, that means Mr. Cube has actually let them in on what the movie will be about, because he’s apparently still intent on being weirdly secretive with it.

Back in October, we theorized that it would have something to do with a high school, drugs, or John Denver, and it sounds like at least one of those is right. Deadline has reportedly been “persuaded” that Rocky Mountain High is about “the ingestion of substances that recently have been decriminalized in Colorado,” which, unfortunately, does not bode well for our dreams of a John Denver biopic that stars Ice Cube. As helpful as it would be to actually discover what this movie will be about, we’re actually hoping that Universal manages to keep it totally under wraps until it hits theaters. That way, nobody has to worry about any spoilers for this Ice Cube comedy movie that’s probably about pot.


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