The Guest

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz (Grave Encounters) have been hired to direct Temple, a new “horror-thriller” from Simon Barrett, the writer behind the well-received horror-thriller The Guest. Temple will be based on a fictional haunted temple in Japan, but the filmmakers will be putting out a tie-in book featuring ghost stories related to actual “haunted” temples. The book will also contain a chapter dedicated to the one from the movie, probably to trick people into thinking the movie is a Blair Witch-style “true story.” On top of that, Toei animation will be creating a 15-part anime series based on the book, and the book itself will be featured in the movie. So all of this sounds like a complicated scheme to get people to buy a book, which could even be the setup for a horror movie on its own. Maybe the book is magic and it creates these haunted temples? Maybe if we read the book, we’ll turn into ghosts that haunt temples? Just to be safe, we probably shouldn’t buy this book.