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The world will remain Fast and/or Furious through 2021

Furious 7

When it comes to blockbuster film franchises, perhaps none is more shocking, successful, and/or shockingly successful as the Fast And Furious films. What started out with relatively humble beginnings in 2001’s The Fast And The Furious has grown into a seven-headed beast since, burning through an endless supply of rubber and gasoline in the process. As we already know though, there will be not one post-Paul Walker farewell, but in fact a final trilogy of films, bringing the total to 10. And now Digital Spy reports that franchise central cog Vin Diesel has confirmed the final three films’ release dates on his Instagram, using the series’ speedy, death-defying font:


Although the eighth installment has finally landed a director and decided to exist as Fast 8 instead of Furious 8, the final two films still have at least a couple of years to sort out their identity issues. Maybe, if the god of road rage is good, one of them will even earn that coveted Best Picture Oscar Diesel predicted Furious 7 would win.

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