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The world will have another Wolverine movie

James Mangold’s The Wolverine may have had the worst opening weekend and lowest domestic gross of any of the X-Men movies, but as we are so often reminded these days, you will not sail off the edge of the world if you dare venture beyond the California or New York coastline. Indeed, there are many lands to be found beyond, with silks and spices and multiplexes unimagined, and The Wolverine’s successes overseas—where it actually had the highest opening and second-best worldwide total of the series—means a sequel is now inevitably on its way. And after all, Hugh Jackman didn’t spend the past year moving his veins to the outside of his body just to look pretty, so he and Mangold are already in negotiations on a Wolverine sequel whose plot details are still yet to be decided. However, you can likely count on Wolverine to visit yet more exotic cultures to mingle with the natives before slicing them up, like a homicidal Anthony Bourdain.


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