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Somewhere, in one of the infinite universes paralleling our own, Sinbad was in a genie movie called Shazam, and the face of Batman supervillain Scarecrow is the same face that was a staple at the Kids’ Choice Awards in the mid-to-late ’90s. That’s right, Coolio was almost the big bad in a Joel Schumacher Batman movie.

This revelation comes by way of local paper Burleson Star, which interviewed Coolio in conjunction with his performance at the Turkey Creek Bar & Grill in Alvarado, Texas (population 4,289). In the interview, he says that the reason he took the part of street racer Banker in Batman & Robin was because Schumacher promised him the main villain role in his next Batman movie in return. Coolio says he was going to play Scarecrow in Batman Unchained (a.k.a. Batman Triumphant), a part that was also reportedly offered to Nicolas Cage. (Picture that audition for a moment.) The movie was never made, of course, because Batman & Robin was terrible. But oh, what might have been.


[via Screenrant]

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