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The world has blinded neo-Nazi trolls, but John Carpenter will help them see

They Live

Yesterday, The A.V. Club reported that a bunch of wannabe neo-Nazi jagoffs (set those sights high, kids) were hassling director John Carpenter online, insinuating that his 1988 sci-fi allegory was in actuality exposing a Jewish conspiracy. Carpenter tweeted out in response:


Now, everything is open to interpretation. Perhaps Carpenter’s tweet was misread. When he stated that while the film has nothing do do with Jewish control of the world, was he actually admitting that there is Jewish New World Order controlling the current events? April Wolfe of L.A. Weekly went straight to the source, disturbing John Carpenter during video game time at home.

“No, that’s bullshit,” responded the 68-year-old director. ““There was somebody on my Twitter feed who was talking about They Live being about the Jews trying to control the world… and I’m not going to allow that.”


Even a statement from the writer/director himself is probably not going to deter these Twitter trolls from interpreting They Live however they want. These are the same dopes who think that Wolfenstein 3-D is one of those rare video games where you get to play as the villain, and took issue with Carpenter posting a piece of Chicago artist Mitch O’Connell’s artwork which depicted their fearless leader Donald Trump looking like he dipped his face in cheese dip back in 1957. (It’s unclear whether they were more upset that O’Connell was insinuating that Trump was evil, an alien, or of Jewish descent.) They probably think Carpenter’s Elvis biopic is actually about The Beatles, too.

“It’s a brave new world, and I don’t understand it,” Carpenter says. “What can you do?” Just keep putting out records and make the new Halloween the best since the original. That’s all we really want.


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