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Illustration for article titled The world doesn’t have enough iRobin Hood/i movies, so here’s another iRobin Hood/i movie

According to Deadline, the writer behind Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur movies (Joby Harold) has written a gritty Robin Hood movie—not to be confused with the last gritty Robin Hood movie. Harold’s script is titled Robin Hood: Origins, because of course it is, and the project is competing with two other movies about Robin Hood that are already in development. One is a “revisionist” version at Disney called Nottingham And Hood, and the other is the set-up for yet another Avengers-style universe at Sony that is hilariously/confusingly titled Hood.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions is producing Harold’s script, but Deadline theorizes that Sony might swoop in and pick it up so it can be combined with Hood. That way, there’d only be two Robin Hood movies that sound incredibly similar to each other instead of three. For now, though, that remains a sweet, sweet dream.

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