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The world demands a Bee Movie sequel, according to Jerry Seinfeld

"Not the Bee Movie bees! Aaaggghhhhh!" (Photo illustration: Nick Wanserski)

Much like how starring in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is the act of someone who can see the future, it’s clear that creating a hit sitcom that ended close to 20 years ago gives one an eternal finger on the pulse of the American zeitgeist. Thus spake Jerry Seinfeld, who has once more descended from his perch atop the Delphi-like Manhattan compound where he resides to dispense his oracular wisdom upon the masses. This time, he needs to tell America’s clueless masses they’re actually clamoring for a sequel to a quickly forgotten animated film: Cinema Blend reports that during a recent Reddit AMA, the comedian told the internet all about how the internet has also been telling him, in a circuitous feedback loop of prognostication, that it demands a sequel to Bee Movie:

There’s a fantastic energy now for some reason, on the internet particularly. Tumblr, people brought my attention to. I actually did consider it, but then I realized it would make Bee Movie 1 less iconic. But my kids want me to do it; a lot of people want me to do it. A lot of people that don’t know what animation is want me to do it. If you have any idea what animation is, you’d never do it.


Indeed, a quick perusal of the World Wide Web confirms the sibylline truth of the comedic sage’s words, though it’s unclear which groundswell of support specifically triggered his realization. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming cries of the 27 people in the Bee Movie 2 Facebook group? Or maybe it’s the throngs of passionate Bee Movie fanatics (referred to as the Bee-hive, surely) that have signed the Change.org petititon to make a sequel, currently riding high at 46 signatories? Either way, his augural utterances will almost certainly double, possibly even triple the number of people who vaguely remember seeing the film.

But he’s also right: One can’t despoil the iconic legacy of the first movie, which involved something about the voice of Renee Zellweger, and probably some honey jokes? We’re not sure, honestly. But really, that’s on us. The divinatory nature of Seinfeld’s proclamation, coupled with the fact that his kids said it might be good for their dad to make another movie, render our ignorance laughable in the face of such evidence. Although, if you knew what animation was, you’d shut the fuck up about it, you ignoramus. Thus hath the Seinfeld Oracle spoken, yadda yadda yadda.

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