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The Workaholics guys will star in a movie produced by Scott Rudin and Seth Rogen

Beyond producing a fourth and fifth season of Workaholics for Comedy Central, and turning up in various roles on Arrested Development, Modern Family, Community, and The Mindy Project, the trio of Anders Holm, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson will also make the jump to movies. According to Variety, Scott Rudin and Seth Rogen have teamed to produce an untitled film starring the Workaholics trio that will be written by Holm and directed by series co-creator Kyle Newacheck. There's no premise to speak of yet, since “the logline for the project is being kept under wraps.” But it means that the movie from the Mail Order Comedy guys will soon follow in the footsteps of The Lonely Island’s Hot Rod, The Whitest Kids U' Know’s Miss March, and Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team in the tradition of comedy troupes transitioning to TV and then to film.


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