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The Wonder Years is never coming back, so don’t bother asking

The Wonder Years

What would you do if we told you that The Wonder Years would never be brought back to life like Full House and Coach? Would you stand up and walk out on us? Lend us your eyes and we’ll tell you a tale, and we’ll try not to tell you that The Wonder Years will never be brought back to life like Full House and Coach.

Actually, that’s exactly what we’re going to do: At the ATX Television Festival in Austin, last weekend, People decided to ask Wonder Years star Fred Savage what the chances are of that show ever getting its own Fuller House-style sequel series, to which Savage responded, “Zero.” Savage—who will soon be appearing alongside Rob Lowe on Fox’s The Grinder—went on to say that, “The show was about this finite moment in your life that has a beginning and an end, and I think that’s what makes people long for that time in your life.” He also added, “You can’t all be 12 again, and that’s why that time in our life is so special and why all the memories still stay with us and warm us and haunt us and all those things—because we can’t go back to it.”


Savage’s message could easily be applied to all of these other reunion shows, since it’s probably better to cherish our memories of them than to try and recreate the good times they gave us. On the other hand, though, we’re really excited about The X-Files coming back, so we don’t know how to feel.

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