The ladies of Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks and Rec department apparently do a lot of shopping online. Jezebel posted a story yesterday exposing just how expensive the clothes are that Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, and Amy Poehler wear on the show, and while it’s not really surprising, it’s still a little sad. Jones’ Ann Perkins, for instance, has paid at least $4656 for her patterned blouses, and Plaza’s April Ludgate routinely spends $150 on tank tops, which is a lot for someone whose husband eats out of a Frisbee. Unsurprisingly, Poehler’s Leslie Knope spends the most on clothes, but, hey, maybe she makes good money as a city councilwoman. And living in Pawnee can’t be that expensive, right? And, hey, maybe the three women hit up their own preferred Rent-A-Swag type store that just hasn't been featured on the show yet. Or maybe TV's just one big lie.