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The women of Arrow might be getting their own futuristic spin-off

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Arrow is coming to an end after its upcoming eighth season, but not only will The CW’s larger “Arrowverse” continue to truck along with shows like The Flash and Batwoman, but Arrow itself might be getting another direct spin-off. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW will air a backdoor pilot during the final season of Arrow for a spin-off dedicated to Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak (a.k.a. Oliver Queen’s daughter), Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance (a.k.a. the formerly evil version of Black Canary from Earth-2), and Juliana Harkavy’s Dinah Drake (a.k.a. the new, non-evil Black Canary).


Barring some time travel shenanigans, which is definitely possible given what Legends Of Tomorrow does every week—not to mention that new Arrow trailer—the appearance of these three women means that this show would most likely take place in the future time period that was introduced in season seven of Arrow, a few decades after whatever’s happening on The Flash and Supergirl and Batwoman on any given week. Of course, time travel is pretty common in the Arrowverse these days, so it doesn’t necessarily bar this new spin-off from joining in on any upcoming crossovers, but it would be slightly more complicated than having Barry Allen zip over to Star City so he can grab John Diggle and then zip right back in an instant.

We’ll know how this all works out at some point after Arrow’s final season premieres on October 15.

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