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On last night’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee admits she’s getting a little #MeToo fatigue. That’s understandable. It’s exhausting and demoralizing to trot out the details of these depressingly similar cases again and again, with little evidence that things are improving. So, in order to shake things up—and give survivors the chance to tell their own stories—she invited a handful of female animators onto the show to explain how they worked together to get a serial harasser fired.

Back in 2017, storyboard director Katie Rice, art director Paula Spence, and storyboard artists Megan Nicole Dong and Ashlyn Anstee all joined a private Facebook group for women in the animation industry that started up after the first wave of the #MeToo movement. Fairly quickly, women started sharing their own stories of abuse, and one particular name kept popping up. As we reported when this story first broke, Loud House creator Chris Savino had a decades-long history of making unwanted advances and threatening retribution against previous sexual partners. Savino has since been fired by Nickelodeon, but the story of how these women worked together to get him removed from the Animator’s Guild and, more importantly, make sure everyone knew about his actions is an inspiring one.


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