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The 1939 classic Wizard Of Oz has already been updated with additional dimensions of Alice In Wonderland imagery and James Franco, but the original remains sadly, flatly the same, nearly invisible to modern eyes. Fortunately, Warner Bros. will soon convert the Wizard Of Oz to 3-D, reissuing it on Blu-ray—and, one would have to assume, probably in limited theatrical release—sometime next year as part of its 90th Anniversary celebration, and the 11th anniversary of Ted Turner's wonderful merger with Warner Bros., which made this magic possible. This will negate the need to explore surgical options to have your children's rods and cones reshaped, as soon enough they too will be able to experience The Wizard Of Oz in the stereoscopic, value-added format they find so entrancing and discernible, much like Dorothy herself awaking from her drab, black-and-white world into explosive Technicolor, and then being charged an extra premium.


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