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The Witcher's first teaser is here to take our money, please

We’re not going to lie: This first teaser for Netflix’s The Witcher—released today at the end of the show’s first big Comic-Con panel—looks damn good, incorporating all the blood, intrigue, monsters, and sheer, unrepentant horniness that’s been the bestselling Polish game series’ signature stock in trade. You’ve got Henry Cavill there as cat-eyed monster slayer Geralt Of Rivia, plus Anya Chalotra as his magic-wielding partner in crime Yennefer, and Frey Allan as Ciri, the mysterious child who ends up in Geralt’s rugged, morally ambivalent, largely shirtless care.

There’s no release date yet for The Witcher (beyond “this fall”, but the tease today promises lots of messy good times: Elves trusting humans, humans killing elves, and, of course, a whole bunch of slightly hokey-looking monsters to slay.


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