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The Witcher gets Pokemon Go-style game where you face the scariest monster of all: Having to go outside

The Witcher is a series of books, video games, and TV shows about a prematurely-greying mutant-man lives in a dangerous world filled with strange, vicious monsters and ruled over by nefarious politicians. Although there’s obviously very few differences between its fictional landscape and our own, a new, Pokémon Go-style game called The Witcher: Monster Slayer is coming out anyway.

The first trailer for Monster Slayer shows a guy walking through a forest glued to his phone. Ominous sounds come from the distance and his dog barks. Is it another human being who will potentially come within six feet of him? No! He looks at his screen to see something far less frightening appear: An augmented reality creature with giant claws and a deer skull that roars for his blood.

In another commercial, we see more of the game being played. Like Go, Monster Slayer involves walking around with your phone out to track down all sorts of nasty critters. Once discovered, the official site says these monsters are fought in “first-person, RPG-inspired combat” that takes real-world weather and time of day into consideration.

While now may not be the best time to encourage amateur witcherers to traipse around their neighborhoods trying to find monsters to fight, we can hope that the game will release at a time when it’s a bit safer to go outside, allowing players to worry more about slashing apart giant fantasy bugs than possibly spreading the real ones around. There’s no release date other than “coming soon” for Monster Slayer yet, but it will be free to play and available on iOS and Android when it comes out.


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