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Illustration for article titled iThe Witch/i is only slightly less unsettling when recut as a Wes Anderson movie

Whether or not Robert Eggers’ period-set horror film The Witch is truly scary might be up for debate, but it’s hard to argue that it isn’t at least pretty unsettling. It’s the sort of movie that keeps you on edge for as long as possible, keeping the especially horrible stuff mostly out of sight right up until the goat starts talking and you realize just how dark everything has gotten. In other words, it would take a lot to make The Witch seem funny, but CineFix’s Trailer Mix series has done a pretty good job by recutting it in the style of a Wes Anderson movie.

The music and onscreen text are especially well-done, but the quick cut from the missing baby to Anya Taylor-Joy’s Thomasin running toward the woods is a solid gag that both feels like something Anderson would do and is not funny at all in the context of the actual movie. The inclusion of “a bunny” in the cast is also great, but that would probably be funny in any movie trailer.


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