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The wiry sound of the early ’00s gets an update from Mutiny Mutiny

The early ’00s may not seem all that long ago—but a full decade has passed since brainy, passionate, post-millennial post-hardcore bands like Q And Not U, Minus The Bear, and Pretty Girls Make Graves made their marks. Mutiny Mutiny remembers. While not a throwback, the Seattle outfit’s new album Don’t Quit Your Day Job harnesses that intricate sound, thanks largely to the brooding, bursting-with-melody vocals of bassist Jenn Schmidt and guitarist Jason Dean. On songs like “Entitlement” and “Prime Numbers,” the group snaps into a catchy, gently abrasive groove that doesn’t evoke the recent past as much as evolve it.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job is available now via Mutiny Mutiny’s Bandcamp.


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