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The Wire's Dominic West to star in Mad Men-esque British drama in TV critic's wet dream

Honestly, we’ve been sort of worried for Dominic West, whose career post-The Wire thus far has included supporting roles in Punisher: War Zone and a Johnny English sequel—sort of the actor’s equivalent of getting busted down to the harbor patrol. But now it seems West may have discovered the shipping container full of Eastern European prostitutes that could be his ticket back into the big leagues: a starring role on the BBC drama The Hour, which is being described as the “British equivalent to Mad Men.” The “suave and sexy” six-part series evokes the same retro-cool with its 1956 setting, taking place behind the scenes of a popular news show as three journalists become involved in a murder mystery while dealing with their equally complicated love triangle and the shifting gender politics that marked the decade. A Mad Men-esque British period piece starring one of the guys from The Wire? When will they release this thing so we can start slobbering all over it? Seriously, though, it sounds good.


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