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The Wire's Dominic West to star in another cable series where his character screws people over in pursuit of his own ends

Premium cable’s favorite loveable fuck-up Dominic West has been cast in a new pilot on Showtime, which will give The Wire star another place in which he can loveably fuck things up in order to attain his own shortsighted, selfish goals. In this case it’s The Affair, a potential series from In Treatment and House Of Cards writer-producer Sarah Treem that concerns a tryst between a married high school teacher (and father of four) and another, also-married woman whom he thinks may be his soul mate. “What the fuck did I do?” West’s character will ask, to which the answer will be “potentially destroyed two marriages, which will be examined separately from both the male and female perspective. You happy now, and is your happiness worth the unintended emotional toll on either of the families involved, bitch?”


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