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The Wire’s Anwan Glover beaten and stabbed in D.C. nightclub

Adding one more incident to a weekend of concert-related violence, Anwan Glover, known for playing enforcer Slim Charles on The Wire, was beaten and stabbed at Washington D.C. nightclub Café Asia early Sunday morning. Fortunately, Glover proved as indestructible as his character: He was briefly hospitalized and has already been released.

In addition to his Wire role, a part on David Simon’s Treme, and a role in 12 Years A Slave, Glover is also a musician who had performed earlier that day with his Backyard Band. He was attending a performance by another group that night, when he was approached by two unnamed men who he says began punching and kicking him. As Glover fell to the floor, he heard someone shout, “He has a knife,” then felt “a sharp pain in his right side” as he was stabbed in the torso.


Glover is an active participant in anti-violence campaigns who’s often spoken about how it’s affected his family, having lost a brother in a 2007 shooting, seen his son wounded in another in 2011, and been shot a reported 13 times himself in his youth. After his release, he issued a statement on Instagram.

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