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The Winter Soldier is enlisting in Avengers: Infinity War

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

[There’s a teeny Captain America: Civil War spoiler within this here Newswire, so proceed with the customary caution.]

It’s taken Marvel Studios some time to sort out just how many Avengers movies are going to get tied up in the Infinity War. At last count, only one was bearing the title, but it’s not like World War I always had that numeral affixed, so who knows where this could go? In any case, Captain America: Civil War may have drawn a line in the sand—that everyone promptly ignored—but Anthony and Joe Russo’s Infinity War could be the conflict that brings the Avengers back together. We don’t know much about the plot yet, except that Josh Brolin’s cool with it. The Russo brothers have hinted at corralling dozens of superpowered individuals in their next outing, and it looks like one of them will be Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes.


Nestled deep within The Hollywood Reporter’s post about the casting of Sebastian Stan in We Have Always Lived In The Castle is the news that the actor will be filming Infinity War “early next year.” Sure, it’s possible that Stan will just be filming a flashback scene or a FaceTime call with Captain America (his boyfriend?), but there’s also the chance that Wakandan doctors managed to mend Barnes’ fractured psyche and replaced his arm (again). Stan is under contract for nine Marvel films, so this would put him past the halfway mark. And we all know how actors are just champing at the bit to get away from the MCU (“many currency units”).

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