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The Wicker Man energy is strong in this spooky trailer for HBO's The Third Day

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Sleep No More, the immersive New York City theater experience in which audiences take in Macbeth through scraps of dance and interactive ephemera as they wander through an old, ornate hotel. Well, Felix Barrett, one of the minds behind that show, is now heading to TV with The Third Day, a six-part HBO series that, per its first trailer, looks to be as sumptuous and beguiling as Sleep No More.

Jude Law stars as a man visiting a secluded island that’s only reachable via a road that just barely rises above a body of water. But what appears to be a jolly paradise with a tradition all its own soon reveals a darker heart, one no doubt informed by the pastoral settings of The Wicker Man and Midsommar. A synopsis reveals that Law’s arrival is just the beginning: “The show is divided into two parts: ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter.’ In ‘Summer,’ one man (Jude Law) visits a mysterious island off the British coast and discovers a group of inhabitants intent on preserving their home at any cost. In the second half, aka ‘Winter,’ a strong-willed outsider (Naomie Harris) comes to the island seeking answers — but instead causes a battle to decide its fate.”

Watch the teaser below.

The crack cast also includes Chernobyl’s Emily Watson, The Witcher’s Freya Allen, and Paddy Considine, who just wrapped up a run on HBO’s The Outsider. Barrett serves as co-creator and executive producer, while Dennis Kelly (Pulling) handled the scripting duties for “Summer” and teamed up with Kit de Wall and Dean O’Loughlin for ‘Winter.”


The Third Day premieres the first of its six episodes on May 11.

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