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The White Stripes reunite to tell Trump and his supporters not to use their music

(Photo: Getty Images, Scott Gries)

It’s been a big year for musicians telling political candidates to stop using their songs without approval, with Everlast, R.E.M., Aerosmith, Adele, late composer Jerry Goldsmith, and the Rolling Stones all getting mad at Donald Trump recently for his unauthorized use of their music. Now, as reported by Pitchfork, The White Stripes have gotten back together to release a statement demanding that Trump’s campaign and its supporters stop using their music as well. Apparently, there’s something about this Trump guy that just makes everybody dislike him. It’s very strange and impossible to explain.

Anyway, here’s the statement:


Pitchfork isn’t sure what video the band is referring to, but the story theorizes that it’s a reference to a now-deleted fan-made clip from Trump’s Republican National Convention speech. Whatever it was, White Stripes manager Ian Montone says, “If you can’t find the video, great. Then our lawyers have done their job.” We’re picturing something like the actual “Seven Nation Army” video, but with orange cotton candy hair on Jack and Meg White instead of that black vampire hair.

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