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The White Stripes announce live album, share re-uploaded Saturday Night Live performances

After years of relative silence, The White Stripes have decided to put out a bunch of reissued material in an effort, we guess, to give us a few nice new things before the year comes to a close. Earlier this month, the band released a greatest hits record and animated video and have now announced a new live album and shared the re-upload of two 2002 Saturday Night Live performances.

The first hurdle to overcome, before you can enjoy the songs, is allowing the mind to reset itself back to the early ‘00s, when SNL had John McCain in business casual introducing the band with awkward gestures like half-hearted finger guns. After dealing with this surprising opening, though, the clips stand well on their own as a portrait of a band on the cusp of becoming one of the biggest rock acts of the last few decades.


Jack and Meg perform two tracks from 2001's White Blood Cells: A restless version of “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” and, in their second segment, “We’re Going To Be Friends” with Meg gently tapping out the beat on a snare.

For more Stripes, check out The White Stripes Live At The 40 Watt on Bandcamp. Proceeds from the album’s sales will go toward the Stacey Abrams’ founded voting rights organization, Fair Fight.

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